The Smoking Knife Incident

A 23 year old woman was booked for a domestic dispute and charged with assault in the small town I call home.

She hurled an 11 inch butcher knife at her live in boyfriend…..while he was holding their 9 month old child.

Her response to police while being questioned on why she would do such a thing……

“He didn’t bring me cigarettes on the way home from his job…I had none when he got here…..and then he said I didn’t need them when I haven’t done any cleaning of our mobile home…..I told him when he went to work I needed to catch up on Duck Dynasty….so no, I didn’t do any cleaning. Then I threw the first thing I saw at him. It happened to be the knife I was using to clean my toenails…what would you have done?”

No listing of a response from the officer who took the statement. Except,

“Put your hands behind your back, we have some silver bracelets we would like you to try on.”

I love living here.

Disclaimer- knife for toenail cleaning was added for dramatic effect…the rest is true.

The child was not harmed during the incident….the boyfriend has moved out and vowed to do his own cleaning from now on.



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