Son Spot

My stepson came home from the weekend at his Dad’s.

Usually he is not in a good mood upon returning. There isn’t much to do at the trailer park his Dad lives in…squirrel hunting season is over and he is still recovering from the NASCAR event he went to last weekend with his girlfriend. He brought back gifts for the kids.

Autographed t shirts from the guys in Duck Dynasty.

Anyway, my stepson gets home and is bouncing off the walls in a great mood.

And he won’t stop talking.

He is talking about nothing in particular….continuously….what he ate all weekend, what he wore…

Just random.

He asks if he can go hang out with his friend, who lives down the block.

We said no, because of his grades and laid down some pretty harsh rules as to what we expect in the coming weeks.

I was waiting for the fit throwing, the you are ruining my life speech and various tantrum techniques that he uses to attempt to get his way.

We got none if it.

All my wife and I received was

“Yes sir and yes ma’am. I can do that.”

After he left the room and we pulled our jaws up off the floor, my wife looks at me proudly and states,

“Our little boy is maturing and taking responsibility. He is growing up.”

I reply,

“Nah, I’m pretty sure he saw boobs this weekend……there is no other reason he doesn’t care about being grounded or punishments…he saw boobs. Now he has time to plot when he will see them again… are right he is maturing and growing up….”


The picture is not of my stepson….it is from Google. And coincidently is the universal “I just saw boobs look” that every male has when he first sees boobs….

why lie….

It’s the look that happens each time a man sees boobs.

From the cradle
To the grave



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