The Pirouette

Sometimes I wonder….

Can I have a normal conversation without inserting slight tidbits of sarcasm and why would you say that type things?

The answer is…


Here is a snipit of a back n forth between my younger than me wife and I from last night…while we had guests over-

Her- tomorrow a few of the girls are coming over.

Me- why?

Her- I’m going help 1 study, guide 2 through some step work, and 3 will be here because she is new to sobriety. I will be pirouetting between the 3.

Me- you’ll be what?

Her- pirouetting….its a ballet move like this..

Disclaimer-not my wife pirouetting…


Her- you do?

Me- yes…once when I was I teen I went to see “the nutcracker”. I thought it was going to be porn….I was sorely mistaken…

The Walk

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes
When they dont fit…share their blues

Live their life, change your view
Fathom their struggle to earn their dues

How quickly will the ego become bruised
Trying to understand another life’s cues

We are all the same but differences used
Color. Race. Gender. Creating feuds

Cover your sole, let the journey ensue
Consider a time in a life you never knew

The Cancel

So…..Beyonce put out a new album.

Not my taste in music.


What did raise my brow about it was that before it was possible for the album to be listened to, streamed, bought or even looked at

She was forced to change a word on one of the tracks because it was deemed offensive.

The word in question….



It was somewhere on track 11 of the album..

A word on track 11


And changed because….it was offensive…

I didnt even know the dude was relevant anymore.

He was a savior in the movies back in the ’80’s…



Cancel culture needs to be stopped.

Until then enjoy the word from it’s original context and glory…

The Haunting

Apparitions of the tirade
Shape shift through the mist
Words hurled like sticks n stones
A spector of clenched fists

A haunting of transgressions
On repeat every night
Too scared to let go
Accustomed to the fright

Not enough sage to cleanse
Not a shaman brave enough to banish
Not even in death
Will the poltergeist vanish

A possessed spirit must
Be faced with a stand
To end the nightmarish reign
And sent back to the shadowlands

The Forecast

Every other weekend a hurricane devours my sanity.

Every other other weekend and weekday it’s just a constant monsoon that eats away at it slowly.

This is the hurricane weekend.

From Friday until late Sunday our small 3 bedroom home is at over full capacity.

During the monsoons the occupancy is as follows-

My younger than me wife
My 22 year old daughter
Her 1 year old daughter
Black dog
White dog
Spotted dog 1
Spotted dog 2


This is hurricane weekend…..

The occupancy is as follows-

My younger than me wife
My 22 year old daughter
Her 1 year old daughter
My 25 year old son
The brothers of destruction (my sons 3 boys)
         >4 year old Cody the Destroyer
         >2 year old B Rich
         >4 year old 1/2 brother AJ the Brawler
Black dog
White dog
Spotted dog 1
Spotted dog 2
Orange dog

I have been up since 5 am. It is about 7.

I have been up with black dog and spotted dog 1 preparing for the first signs of the oncoming Sunday version of the hurricane.

The wind is starting to pick up and the first droplets of hard rain are beginning to fall.

My son just took orange dog outside to do his business and has now left to buy donuts to help ensure the hurricane lasts longer and starts earlier.

The brothers of destruction are getting sugar.

I’m taking this head on.

Sanity or no sanity its coming.