This blog is used for the purpose of sharing my-




Fictional stories

Tales from pre sobriety

Tales from sobriety

Family life

Work Chaos

Photos from my iPhone with the cracked screen

And whatever else comes out.

It’s east to get lost in the day to day shuffle of the card deck we call life.

In order for me to keep all 52 card in my deck I need to take them out and inspect them for defects.

By writing this blog I keep the defects at bay. The Jokers seem to need the most inspection……but that is just how my deck happens to be stacked.

I have never been lucky enough to have been given a full house in this game, but the journey is more interesting than the destination.

Me, by the numbers:

I am
– Husband to 1
– Stepfather of 2
– Brother to 4
-Uncle to 6
– Sober since October, 13, 2006

Always based on a true story.

The names have been omitted to protect my backside.

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