Free (dumb)

Today is the day that Primary elections are held in my state of Texas. I have to say that I am fairly appalled at the turnout of voters.
So, my rant begins in 3…2…1…now.

I live in the greatest country in the world. The forefathers of America made great strides in making sure our freedoms and liberties were fair and protected. Mistakes were made and over time they are being adjusted to include all of use. The most underused freedom this country has is the right to vote.
We the people, seem to enjoy the right NOT to vote.
To those who have voted, kudos to you. This rant is not meant to offend you. To those that didn’t vote…. It’s not meant to offend you either. Most likely after the first paragraph where voting was mentioned you have likely left the building.
I am a person who voted today…. For the first time….in roughly 12 years. I didn’t for the same (free) dumb reasons most don’t. Allow me to list a few.

1- my one vote won’t change anything.
2- I’m not into politics
3- I don’t vote so I won’t bitch
4- it’s my right not to vote
5- I’m too young to make a difference

Blah, blah, blah.

I did vote today. Why now? I had freedoms taken away from me for 5 years. More to the point I gave them away by committing crimes. I paid my debt. I now have basic freedoms that everyone else should enjoy. Believe me when I say, ” It makes a big difference in your life when you can’t use the freedoms that make this country great.”
I said SHOULD enjoy. Fact is most don’t. I live in a town of roughly 22,000 people. I’ve checked up on polling results, so far, in most of the races going on the total number of votes has been less than 4,000. Sad. Sad. Sad.
Im done ranting. I need a tums. Let Free (dumb) ring.


Where’s my Big Wheel?

I read a news article yesterday that blew what was left of my mind. A guy on Miami, Florida was killed to stop him from eating another man’s face. He had already started and was on his way to complete his task at hand when someone called 911. A cop showed up, yelled at him to stop. When he wouldn’t he got shot…..repeatedly. I’m not sure what is more wrong with this story. Is it that the event actually happened? Or that people kept asking him to stop? Most hungry guys at a buffet won’t stop until told to leave….But this was a human buffet!!!
I’m wondering did the guy being eaten make the mistake of wearing his favorite BigMac cologne to the park in hopes of getting lucky? Or was he wearing the ever popular “Eat Me” t shirt and ran into the one guy who wanted to test the ” Hmmmm, tastes like chicken” theory.
I don’t know the answer. My honest first thought after reading the article was “Well, that takes Miami off my places to go list.” nice, huh. Some guy is being cannibalized and I’m narrowing down possible vacation spots.
I long for the days of my youth, when all I had to worry about was whether or not the brake on my Big Wheel would work and being home before dark.


Lost and (somewhat) found

6 years ago I lost touch with 2 things I thought were dear to me….. Reality and sanity. I don’t mean reality in the tv sense. I never got voted off an island… Truth be told I never got voted on to an island. As far as sanity goes, each person has his or her own truth to what is and what isn’t.
6 years removed and I still have trouble with what is and what isn’t. I’ve been clean and sober for that long but some wounds take longer to heal than others.
Back then I would I lived in fear of everyone and everything. I couldn’t determine real people from apparitions. More voices in my head telling me what to do than I had chemicals to quiet them with.
Now…. I enjoy silence. Still whispers going on but I know the difference now. People still come and go but….
I write these things just to get them out. I don’t live in fear anymore. I lead a normal ( whatever that really is ) life now. I’m not the same person I was 6 years ago. I’m not even sure who I am now. A work in progress, I guess.
Reality and sanity. I still don’t have a firm grip on them, but at least I’m in touch with them.


Why blog? I can’t answer that question yet. All I know is my cranium is full of stuff that can’t stay in there. Life events from the not so distant past that creep up now and then, and have no place to go but around the space between my ears. “Release the hounds” I say.