The Spot I Fy

I listen to a lot of music.

Now I have a way to justify that statement.

Spotify gives me a rundown of the year of listening.

That be mucho minutes.

It works out to about 9 hours a day….

Every day….

For 365 days a year.

I was kind of surprised with the Buddhist chant music as the number 1, but I’ve been working fairly diligently on my inner peace.

I listened to 2611 different artists within 101 different genres.

I listened to more music than 97% of the platform users in the United States.

Top 3%. That puts me on the medal platform…..

“All I do is win”

First place on the platform will be mine….even she can sense it!

Next year I’m coming for that 1st place envelope… better strap those pink rain boots on tight and be ready for my symphony of victory….


The Just Thanks

On the eve of the family holiday I just wanted to take a moment to just say thanks.

To all of you..

Who have taking the time to share your perspectives on life through

Personal stories




Blog education



The joy and the pain of past and present

Failures and successes.

Following your blogs, liking your posts and getting to know about you through writing is something I thoroughly enjoy.

It helps me to strive to be better at this craft.

And, coincidentally,

Makes me a better me.


Enjoy the holiday, if you celebrate it.

If you don’t, please just enjoy whatever you do.


Thanks for educating me with your posts when you do.

This message has been approved by good2begone.

The Body Language

Someday, after a while
The realization will appear

Arms were meant to hold
Not to cross and create fear

Hands were meant to feel
Not to clench and strike the dear

Legs were meant to stand
Not to run and disappear

Feet were meant to balance
Not to commandeer

After a while

The realization
Will appear

Image by good2begone

The Moments

Life is is full of unforgettable moments.

For me, being a grandparent has brought a lot of them.

It’s too cold to go outside this weekend. The kids and I have been cooped up inside.

We played Power Rangers vs. Zombies or them vs. me….I guess zombies is another word for old.

Movies were watched.

Naps were taken.


Ideas were running thin.

To avoid meltdowns….I had to think of something.

Luckily, they like button pushing…. figuratively and literally..

So, with that in mind. My lightbulb went on.

Here’s a short snippet of the result-

I love those boys.

The Hidden

Home is where you hang your hat
Home is where you cry
Home is where you feel safe
Home is where you hide

It isn’t a structure
It isn’t a place
It isn’t on any map
It isn’t what awaits

It sits behind the eyes
It sits within the soul
It sits and feels it all
It sits when out of control

Seek and you will arrive
Seek and you will warm
Seek and you will disappear
Seek and you will ride out the storm

The Pursuit Of Happy

R U 😊?

Not just at this moment…but generally speaking….or writing as it may be…

How does one get there?

I believe it’s an individual journey.

I also believe that until I was happy with myself….as in who I am, that I couldn’t be happy WITH anyone or anything else.

That occured well into my late 30’s.

I’m in my early 50’s now.

Does that mean I was miserable my first 30+ years of existence?



That was a happiness of the growing up variety.

I was a people pleaser, fad follower, just…like me please, kind of person.

A portrayer of a goofball without a care while the home life was the shadow of pain I couldn’t get away from. Always right at my feet casting a darkness that hid behind the smile.

My first “real” taste of happiness was my discovery of the euphoria of cocaine.

It was instantaneous.

I was…..HAPPY

What I didn’t know at the time was that level of happiness would NEVER be attained again.

That didn’t stop me from chasing it.

I NEEDED that happy to make me feel anything.

The chase took over a decade and I gave away EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE to pursue it.

I pursued it into psychosis and faced the real possibility of a lengthy prison sentence.

Chemical happiness is not happiness.

It was a lie.

I had to begin the pursuit again from


By zero….I mean..

No family

No friends

No money

No possessions


I GAVE all that away to pursue my so called happy

I had to find a way to be comfortable with myself….

By myself…

To truly find happiness.

During that pursuit I realized that distractions had to be eliminated.

For me, that was TV, movies anything that took time away from….me.

Those were escapes. I was tired of escapes.

If I could sit alone by myself, with my own thoughts, without going nuts I had a chance to find the elusive happiness.

That didn’t happen overnight.

It took time.

It’s been over 15 years since then.

The elusive true happy of me was found and nurtured throughout that time.

It has allowed me to find happy with another.

My younger than me wife and the ever expanding family that goes with it.

But without my personal happy, none of that would be possible.

There are still ups and downs,naturally, and the pursuit continues, but it’s a sustaining pursuit more than a seeking pursuit.

Thought this lifetime pursuit, there has been one constant-


It’s has been part of me for as long as I can remember.

Through the hardships of then to the life of now it’s always been my companion.

So I ask again…

R U 😊?

Whatever the answer, keep up the pursuit.

The Q In Need Of An A

Does the human advancement of technology take us farther away from what makes us….human?

Serious question.

I am fortunate enough to follow and am followed by bloggers from all over the world, who come from different backgrounds and have their own perspectives on their world and the world that surrounds them.

Which is why I enjoy following.


I started the conversation…I would like to know opinions, thoughts, ideas…anything on the question.

Just leave a comment please. Any piece of enlightenment or spark of knowledge would be appreciated.