The Chronicles of The Frame

The following links are the chronicles of my journey from who I was to who I have become.

Time Frame-Part 1

Freeze Frame-Part 2

Window Frame-Part 3

Beyond the Frame-Part 4

No Frame-Conclusion


Followers of this blog will know that I rant quite a lot. Finding humor and laughing at my own antics gives me peace and hopefully makes for enjoyable distractions from the troubles and conflicts in your own lives.

Although humor is used in various places in these writing pieces, I want to stress that it is true and not fiction. I tell this story to give the reader insight on the roughest struggle of my life….to date. It  was written in various stages over a two month period. I have gathered the entire story here for anyone who cares to relive my quest for unwanted but definitely needed change.


Thank you for reading, following and sharing your lives. You all have made it possible for me to share mine.



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