Miss Understood

by good2begone

A family sat down to dinner. Just as the meal was being served onto the plates, the phone rang.


“Honey, please don’t answer..we are just about to pray before we eat.”

“Dear…it just may be an emergency. It will only take a second.”

The Father answers the phone and hangs up after a short conversation.

He grabs his jacket, looks at his wife and says,

“Sorry dear, dinner will have to wait. There has been a dam fire”

The wife’s eyes widen in shock and replies,

“Honey, watch your language. We are about to pray and the children are present!”

The Father looks at her….a bit stunned and scratches his head and says,

“What are you talking about? You know I am a dam fireman, and if a fire breaks out I need to help put the dam fire out.”

The wife starts to fan herself as if she was about to faint….with a flushed face she answers her husband.

“You don’t need to talk like a sailor. If work needs you…then go. I just may have to wash your mouth out with soap when you return.”

“Whatever….if you need me, call me on my dam fireman’s cellphone…..that way we don’t waste minutes. The dam cellphone is on the employee plan. It’s one of the benefits of being a dam fireman.”


“Ok….I will be back after I put out the dam fire….”

Just as the door closes the wife looks at the kids and says with love and care,

“I’m sorry you had to hear that, my dear children. I don’t know what has gotten into your father. He must be under a lot of stress.”

Their 9 year old son looks up from his meatloaf dinner and says-

“Yeah, it’s probably stress….could you please pass the damn mashed potatoes?”, and smiled big with his hands out in front of him.

The Mother was not amused.