Covered On Sunday-The Tragically Hip

Canada is known as “the great white north”….at least that’s what the Mackenzie brothers told me.
They are known for more than back bacon, hockey, second city, RUSH, and Bryan Adams.


tragically, Canada gets the short end of the stick for really hip bands…

Or do they?

They are home to one great band that, in my mind, has never achieved the worldwide recognition they deserve.

The Tragically Hip

Back in my days of living on the border…..the other border….down south…you know, Mexico…

I used to bartend at a downtown hotel bar. Once in a while, out of town bands would stay there.

It was there, that I met and was introduced to The Tragically Hip. We talked a while. They even gave me tickets to the show.

Being a hotel bar, we closed at 11 on slow nights, which gave me a chance to make the show.

I have been a fan ever since.

Here is their most well known song, eh.

From “That Night In Toronto” I give you….

“New Orleans Is Sinking”

As far as covers go, they were pretty difficult to come by.

Like I said earlier, not a very well known band outside of Canada.


I found one I that does it justice and is quite hip in its own way.

The band- Nikita’s Reason.

With an acoustic version…2 guitars…one voice.

Her reason…..cuz the song kicks ass.

I hope to one day take the trip up north to enjoy all things Canadian. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the music and the blogs that reside beyond the northern border.

The Tragically Hip… have been covered on Sunday.


11 thoughts on “Covered On Sunday-The Tragically Hip

  1. The Hip are from Kingston, just up the street from me. The city is also well known for the likes of Dan Aykroyd (he lives close by) and oh look at that – Bryan Adams! 😉 If you ever get a chance to watch the movie Men With Brooms (fantastic movie that is sooooo Canadian) you’ll see Gord and the guys in it, representing none other than Kingston.

    • They even wrote a song about their time in El Paso called “Yawning or Snarling”. Nice guys. Too bad the song is about a busload of kids from there giving them the finger. Oh well….they made a huge fan out of me! Thanks and a happy Sunday to you as well!

  2. Let me know when you come up here – I’m in Toronto, so come by and visit 🙂

    The Hip (as we call them here) were pretty dominant in the 90’s, 00’s. I never understood why they didn’t make it big in the US (whereas pop groups like Barenaked Ladies got big). Anyway, we do have some amazing talent up here. Thanks for reminding me of the Mackenizie brothers…hilarious.


    • My wife and I have not had the ability to travel much….but when we do, Canada is high on the list. Toronto will be a must! Thanks for the invite to visit!

      I mention “The Hip” here in Texas and I get a “huh?”. But you are right. mention the Barenaked Ladies and people break out in song.

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