Covered On Sunday-The Preaching Madonna

I must not have been doing a good job at choosing this weeks selection, because every song I picked, my lovely wife started preaching to me at how awful they were.

“I have never listened to anything that bad”

“Please….TURN THAT OFF!”


So I did, what I believe, any other frustrated husband would do….

“If my picks are so bad, then why don’t you pick a song and I will find a suitable cover for it.”

Only my wife would be able to pick a song, by an iconic artist, none the less, that really has has very few covers that are….original.

“Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna

First off….Madonna does not bring out my inner child.

Second off….there is no second….I just couldn’t write first off without a second.

The popular covers I found were by Kelli Osbourne, the cast from GLEE, and Celine Dion.

Ugh times 3.

Others were decent but all attempted to sound like Madonna….and that’s not what I do here.

So… I settled on this violin version. She is easy on the eyes and her version is easy on the ears.

I give you a Madonna cover by someone with a name I can’t pronounce much less write.


Just to prove I am still in charge, here is a bonus DEATH METAL version. If you can make it all the way through without cringing….treat yourself to a blow pop.

By request of my wife….

Madonna….by request of my wife….
You have been covered on Sunday.


Covered On Sunday-The Tragically Hip

Canada is known as “the great white north”….at least that’s what the Mackenzie brothers told me.
They are known for more than back bacon, hockey, second city, RUSH, and Bryan Adams.


tragically, Canada gets the short end of the stick for really hip bands…

Or do they?

They are home to one great band that, in my mind, has never achieved the worldwide recognition they deserve.

The Tragically Hip

Back in my days of living on the border…..the other border….down south…you know, Mexico…

I used to bartend at a downtown hotel bar. Once in a while, out of town bands would stay there.

It was there, that I met and was introduced to The Tragically Hip. We talked a while. They even gave me tickets to the show.

Being a hotel bar, we closed at 11 on slow nights, which gave me a chance to make the show.

I have been a fan ever since.

Here is their most well known song, eh.

From “That Night In Toronto” I give you….

“New Orleans Is Sinking”

As far as covers go, they were pretty difficult to come by.

Like I said earlier, not a very well known band outside of Canada.


I found one I that does it justice and is quite hip in its own way.

The band- Nikita’s Reason.

With an acoustic version…2 guitars…one voice.

Her reason…..cuz the song kicks ass.

I hope to one day take the trip up north to enjoy all things Canadian. Until then, I will continue to enjoy the music and the blogs that reside beyond the northern border.

The Tragically Hip… have been covered on Sunday.

Covered On Sunday

The combination of stormy weather and the day before a holiday has got me thinking of creating a blog feature….featuring music.

I already have one I like to call Blues Thursday, the concept is simple-

1- It has to be Thursday
2- It’s gotta be the blues

(Too many rules and regulations make good2begone sure to be confused)

When I am positive that those 2 rules I have been met, I choose one blues song and post it.

Type in “Blues Thursday” into the search thingie and there it will be.

My newest feature…..not really a feature but an escape from real introspective writing….will be something in the realm of what this post is titled.

(See top of post)

I had to make new rules for this one-

1- It has to be Sunday
2- It has to be a song “covered” by an artist who is not the original artist who created the song.

The premiere post will be a cover of the song

Royals” by Lorde

Most know the song and are already sick of hearing it.

I still like the song, I’m just not too sure about the seizure hiccup thing she does while she is performing.


My wife and I found this version. It was created by an Arabian guy named Alaa Wardi.

It is quite entertaining. It’s a one man beatbox no instrument all talent version of the popular song.


Lorde ….you have been covered on Sunday.