All Male Review

I need bloggers of the male persuasion to review my last post-

The Roll Model

I love and respect the following and opinion of the female side of the blogosphere,


My comment section of that particular post has been attacked by


I would like to know if anyone agrees with me or if I am the the only one stuck in the

A hole.

If so….I will just wipe my frustration away, flush my opinion of this subject, B a good husband and face the scenario that I am not always right.

Thank you for your consideration.

I am good2begone…..and I approve of this message…..

I think…..

Maybe I should check with my wife first…..



8 thoughts on “All Male Review

  1. Just so everyone knows what I have to deal with on a daily basis….. He has continuously gone around the house and changed all the TP to fit ‘A’….. I have been changing them back to the RIGHT way!

    • TP his golf clubs! haha But really, there has to be a way to curb this odd and frustrating behaviour of A’ing up the rolls. To be honest, I have the same problem. Fortunately, I have a surface to place mine on, so I just hid the roll holders. There must be a better way!

  2. Where is the support, GTB? The tag is much better fitting. As long as you guys don’t run out. My sis and her brood stay with my mom. Eight people in the house and they managed to run out of TP TWICE at a most inopportune time. When I visit, I now come armed with my own supply.

    • I’m watching the testosterone tumbleweeds roll on by. As the saying goes….the cheese stands alone. I’m used to humble pie. I get it served to me often!

      Luckily, we don’t run out often. If the supply gets under 6 rolls the panic button goes off….

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