Life in 6 Songs: Vol. 4 (Guap and Michael)

by good2begone

My life in 6 songs….ready or not…here it comes!

Running on Sober

In six songs, tell us about your life. 

You remember that challenge from a few weeks ago, don’t you? If not, stop by and take a look, or I’ll quickly catch you up below:

Life in 6 Songs” is a new Spring (and maybe Summer) series at Running On Sober. Each Monday at RoS, Christy, Jennie and Michelle will feature two readers’ soundtracks and invite you all to join in the discussion. If you’d like to participate in the series just let us know in the comments, or you are welcome to fill out our “Life in 6 Songs” on-line submission form via Google Forms. 

The project is simple, though maybe not easy: Tell us a story–your story–in six songs. And then for fun, wrap up your life in a bonus seventh song.

A page from the “Capirola Lutebook”, 16th century. (Wiki Commons) A page from the “Capirola Lutebook,” 16th century.
Look, it has monkeys!


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