Pink Nightmare

Am I as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it?



That photo is why…

As a child I wanted to be an actor. Fame, money and flocks of women hounding me were my motivation.

Strange how one gig and a Mother’s click of a button can change all that.

Her “Aww..look how cute my son is!” moment,

Became my career ending, fame halting, forever known as my Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” never gotten over moment.

I look like a pink nightmare.

Discomfort……yeah, I feel it every time I see this.

I’m sure you can feel it too. Just look at the pain in my eyes….


13 thoughts on “Pink Nightmare

  1. i don’t know, brother. i think you’re being a little hard on the kid.

    Look at the other kid in the back left, for example. The one who with black pants and a rabbit suit. THAT kid’s gonna have issues!

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