Punch Drunk

Daily prompt- power

I’m not much for superpowers. Life is already a comic book as it is without adding special abilities.

But since the Daily Post is requesting to choose one…I chose the ability to travel through time.

I would only use it once then banish the power to the attic with rest of my comic book imaginary superpowers.

I would travel back in time to the era of big hair and hair metal.

When I was just out of high school and into drinking heavily on a daily basis.

I would head back to El Paso, Texas….circa summer 1988.

I would find myself at approximately 4 a.m. on any given day during that frame…passed out on my apartment bathroom floor….driving the porcelain bus.

I would kick myself awake and force me to stand up so I could have a few words with myself.

After my glossy eyed, alcohol reeking self got up and looked me in the eyes. I would wait for the recognition of me (plus 26 years) to kick the senses into temporary sobriety.

Then, I would look at me calmly and say,

“I’m am here to atone for me being a screw up for the next 18 years of my life. I won’t change it….but this will make me feel better about doing it.”

I would smile reassuringly at myself and pat myself on the shoulder.

Then, reel my right arm back, my right hand balled into a fist, and punch myself square in the face.

I would look at unconscious self on the floor, sigh, then go to the front closet and take the Van Halen OU812 tour shirt that was left there when I got kicked out of said apartment before my lease was up.

And head back to 2013.

Sometimes you gotta finish what you started.




Joust with your destiny
Journey into the new
Jimmy the locks of fears
Join the ranks of the few

Jaded are the many
Jumping off the tracks
Jiving responsibility
Juking the facts

Jar up the don’t wannas
Jam out the can do
Joy is what awaits
Justify the truth

Jack up your drawers
Juice life of all it’s worth
Judge the past accordingly
Jolt the future with a rebirth.


Daily Prompt-fearful symmetry

Crash & Turn

Daily prompt- turning points

I should of walked away
Instead I put the straw
In my nose

It twinkled my senses
And lifted me
Off my toes

I shouldn’t have said goodbye
After drinking
All night

Dad has been gone many years
For me no closure
Anywhere in sight

I should have stayed in college
And left with
Degree in hand

Instead I work a job
Not a career
As planned

Regrets of the past
I have made

All turning points
To who I have
Become today

Rehab, jail, and pain
We’re the results
Of my choices

I never listened to
Those important
Inner voices

Learn from them all
That is what
Is my goal

My life is now diamonds
But for a long while
It was coal.


A Call To Arms

Daily prompt- Viral

A country overtaken
By corruption and sin
It’s a game we all play
Although no chance for a win

A call to arms is needed
It has to take place
If any hope is to be had
To preserve the human race

Put down the guns and knives
Along with the sticks and stones
A bow must be the weapon
To stop the breaking of bones

It’s elegance is simple
But mastery is a chore
Patience and years of practice
Are what is in store

Start the training with the young
Creating snipers of change
Evolve into a revolution
Emotions will rearrange

Take it to the streets
It’s tone will strike the masses
Random acts of violins
Should be used on all classes

The orchestration of peace
Is music to the ears
A symphony must be assembled
And heard by all far….and near.


Ze Plane…Ze Plane

Daily Prompt-Life Line
I sat down in my seat
In the aisle of the plane
The woman at the window
Was there with a cane

To me she seemed odd
She strangely took my hand
She said she could read it
And carried out her plan

Her fingers ran down
The length of my palm
She looked up with a sigh
But remained rather calm

Your life has been rough
You have traveled a long road
Never being a prince
Always the toad

You’ve won some you lost some
But from what I can see
A change is a coming
I will reveal…for a fee

I took back my hand
And looked her in the face
I said, ” You may be right,
But I think you are a nut case.”

“I live my life right
And sure it’s been rough,
But that’s marker on my hand,
Used to remember some stuff”

“Keep your hands to yourself,
I will do the same with mine.
The future will come soon enough,
That’s what happens…in time.”


Or, Well, Was, Is

Daily prompt- Retrospctive

The Man of Steel returned
Only on the screens
“T, J, and the Way of the A”
We’re not his motives,
He only needed money…
So it seems.

The whistles were blowing
The spies and scandals abound
Clowns on the left
Jokers to the right
In the middle, no amusement
Our cries make no sound.

The race started with a bang
A yearly festival of running
That always bring cheer
It ended with a boom
No stanza or rhyme
Can dissipate the fear.

Motown is headed south
It’s soul lies in limbo
How does a city fall
When the building don’t crumble
I wish I knew the answer
But it’s not that simple

2013 is not gone
Only halfway by the number
Orwell might be a prophet
The year, his only blunder.


Blues Haven

Daily prompt-“Sneaky

If I could go back
To a another time
I would get on the fast track
With the Blues to unwind.

The rhythm had soul
The guitars would speak
The artists only goal
Was to explain life through a beat.

The era is gone
The voices still carry
I listen when I am alone
To make my life less weary.


Pink Nightmare


Am I as comfortable in front of the camera as I am behind it?



That photo is why…

As a child I wanted to be an actor. Fame, money and flocks of women hounding me were my motivation.

Strange how one gig and a Mother’s click of a button can change all that.

Her “Aww..look how cute my son is!” moment,

Became my career ending, fame halting, forever known as my Ralphie from “A Christmas Story” never gotten over moment.

I look like a pink nightmare.

Discomfort……yeah, I feel it every time I see this.

I’m sure you can feel it too. Just look at the pain in my eyes….