Things I Found While Cleaning Out My Truck

I realized, today, that my truck has a back seat accessible with the handy 3rd door which opens from the passenger side.

What a revelation for me.

I have had the truck for about a year and thought the extra room behind the front seat was used for just throwing stuff over my shoulder while I drove.

Here is a list of things I found after uncovering the bench seat that resides behind the front seat….

-14 convenience store styrofoam individual hot dog boxes

-7 convenience store coffee cups

-Pat Boone “In A Metal Mood-No More Mr. Nice Guy” CD


-13 convenience store coffee cup lids…….I know 7 cups, 13 lids….

-21 losing scratch off lottery tickets

-3 losing mega millions lotto tickets

-35 Reese’s Fast Break candy wrappers

-25 pesos, 6 rubles, 4 francs, and a Chuck E. Cheese token

-a Ross Perot for President bumper sticker


-One word…..Waldo

-9 carpenters pencils

-the manuscript to the sequel of “Ishtar”

-1 size 3 “Toy Story 2” flip flop

-4 screwdrivers

-2 sets of Allen wrenches

-1 empty package of “ExtenZe”…..not mine…..seriously…..

– a camouflage bandana

– 1/2 roll of grey duct tape

-15 straws still stuck in the lids with no cups attached


-a half eaten Mcdouble

Quit thinking about the ExtenZe……..



12 thoughts on “Things I Found While Cleaning Out My Truck

  1. This post prompted me to consult the Google twice. Once, because I didn’t know what an ExtenZe is. And once, because I thought you had to be messing with us with the Pat Boone heavy metal leather CD. Somehow, I missed the release.

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