The Fault Line

by good2begone

Tremors is what the psychiatrist called them. He said I get them before the switch happens. He said the switch is when 1 personality takes over from another. He says I have 3….that he knows of. I think he’s crazy. But I will do what he asks….to appease him.

He asked me just sit back and relax.

He looked me right in the eye and said,

“Who wants to come out of hiding to talk with me?” The shrink asked confidently.



“What up, Doc?” The voice confidently stated from the patient on the couch.

Doc-“And whom am I speaking with?”

“And whom are you…so rigid and professional. You can call me Mr. Gains. I’m the only one who’s got the balls to come out right now. The others are afraid of you. I told them to be afraid….when I talk they listen. You wanna talk to them you gotta go through me. So what gives head shrinker?”

The Doctor was taken aback by this confident, no holds barred personality, but he knew there was always 1 overbearing personality. He needed to get to the others to get a full picture in what he was dealing with.

Doc-“I won’t challenge your authority over the others, Mr. Gains. I would just like to visit with them. Would you allow me to?”

Mr. Gains- “I like you….so proper. There are 2 others. Sure you can try to talk to them…but I control for how long. Being the dominant has its advantages.”


His head slightly twitched and his eyes rolled slightly back. When they opened his demeanor had completely changed.

The confident smirk and crossed arms defiant pose was replaced by a scared, standoffish being.

Doc-“And who might you be?”

The patient looks around, grabs a pillow off the couch clutches it in his arms and sits with his knees pulled up to his chest and speaks,

“I’m Davey….Davey Gains. I never get out when mr. gains is awake. He’s mean.”

Doc-“I’m sorry son. How old are you and what do you do when you do get to come out!”

“I’m 7.” He says and holds up 7 fingers.
“I get to play and color and stuff but I make messes so I get in trouble a lot.”

Doc-“What happens when you get in trouble?”

“They put me in the….”


The shy boy was gone. His posture straightened out and the arms crossed again.

“Now now Dr. Feelgood, lets not get TOO personal. After all, we just met.”


The eyes rolled slightly again.

The patient sat up straight and crossed his legs. One hand went to the side of his face. It seemed as though he was pulling back his hair behind his ears.

“That Mr. Gains….always so pushy. He is really a softy…but as I am sure you know someone has to be in charge or chaos takes over. I apologize for not properly introducing myself. I am Amanda Gains. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

The patient reaches out her hand to shake the hand of the Doctor.

The Doctor complies then asks a question.

Doc- “Ms. Gains….what is your function within the group?”

“No need to be so formal, please call me…..Maybe.” The patient let out a hearty laugh then regained composure.

“Just a little humor to break the ice. It is so tense in here… I could cut it with a knife. Call me Amanda. I take care of the rational decisions. Mr. Gains take care of the tough decisions. Davey is our innocence. The patient who came in through your door, David, does the rest. There is one more you should talk to…but he really is quite a beast…his name is….”


The girlish personality was gone. Mr. Gains quickly took over.

“Time’s up, Doc. Your shrink fest will have to continue some other time.”

Doc- “Why can’t you tell me about the one I haven’t met?”

“Haven’t and won’t. He’s a bad mamma jamma. We keep him locked away…..far away. It’s better for ALL OF US that way. You….are boring me now. Hasta la vista, shrinky.”

The patient head slightly twitches and the eyes roll once again.

And just like that David is back.

“Can we get this session over with please. I’m fine. Just a few headaches.”

Doc- “David you act like you just got here. When in fact you arrived an hour an a half ago. Do you have any recollection of anyone named Davey, Amanda, or a Mr. Gains?”

“I used to be called Davey when I was a kid…and I get messages on my phone for an Amanda sometimes. Some people call me Mr. Gains…..why do you ask?”

Doc- “We will take that up in our next session. Will Thursday at 4 work for you.”

“Sure, whatever”

David got up to leave. As he walked toward the door….


Head twitch….eyes roll

He looked back at the Doctor, inhaled deeply, flared his nostrils, clenched his right fist and punched a hole into the office door. Then stared at the Doctor with an evil grin.


Head twitch…eyes roll…

“Hey, Dr. Williams….what happened to your door? You should really get that fixed. See you Thursday.”

Dr. Williams gulped. And watched as David and his inner brood waltzed out the busted door.