Magnum Come loud

Tomorrow we are headed to the college graduation of my oldest nephew.

He is receiving his bachelors degree.

I am not college edu-ma-cated, so I’m not sure what degree of black belt he is getting but I think along with it he gets a gun and ear plugs.

I think the college term is magnum come loud or something in Latin….

He got a big brain.

He is graduating with a major in biochemistry and a minor in biomedical engineering.

His parents, and the entire extended family, are very proud.

My family will be venturing in from all parts of the country to attend.

Brother-Dallas, Tx
Sister and husband-Chicago
Me, my wife and stepdaughter-the sticks.

My brother, who is the father of the graduate, didn’t attend my sisters wedding because he didn’t want to, and was the only family member not in attendance. My sister, who will be attending the graduation, has told said brother to never talk to her again. My brother from Dallas, who made a spectacle of himself at my sister’s wedding by getting belligerently drunk and kicked out of the hotel will be there….freshly single after he and his partner of over 13 years ended their relationship with every harsh word and accusation broadcasted over Facebook where sister and older brother chimed in for good measure. My sister is not pleased with him and has said he ruined her wedding. Mom will be there to enjoy a Mother’s Day weekend with her grown ass kids who will undoubtedly make her feel like none of us never left home.

Next week, Mom will spend a few days with me and my family here in the sticks. We are really looking forward to it.

Since I was out of town last week, my wife has been cleaning the house top to bottom, room to room to prepare for her visit.

I have had to slip melatonin into her coffee to get her to relax. I keep telling her

“She won’t be here until next week, honey…..we have time.”

Her reply,



Another day in the life of good2begone.

I graduated from my childhood with a degree in drama…minored in crazy.


4 thoughts on “Magnum Come loud

  1. Yep…sounds like every other family with more than one child…you gotta whole lotta normal going on there!

    Have fun…college graduation are mostly a snooze but being with family is priceless.


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