The Gleam Of Tears

by good2begone

Lost in the gleam of the chandelier tears

Is a life well spent through the days and the years

It hangs above the table with seating for twelve

The ceiling and walls hold all the secrets of the delve

The gleam hits the glass of the framed smiles and glee

Family memories past for all invited to see

Generations of souls who share the same name

Watching over the future of the name that remains the same

The room is reserved for occasions marked as special

Just a few times a year the chandelier turns celestial.

The space brightens up with laughter and cheer.

For just a few hours, life’s enduring problems seem to disappear.

A few clinks of glass and the passing of food

The gleam of the chandelier brightens any mood.

Once the event is over and the room turns to dark

The tears gather dust and quietly await the next generation spark.