The Learning

Things I found out this weekend-

-Teenage girls still like to give teenage boys hickeys… know territorial neck marks.

I don’t know why…

-Teenage boys still lie to their parents about hickies….by trying to say its not a hickey, but a mark made an object that leaves a mark eerily similar to one that would be made by a teenage girl trying to suck the “quit looking at other girls” out of said teenage boy.

I still don’t know why…

Finally, I learned the answer to the question that has been perplexing me since I began questioning.

-Why don’t eggs taste like chicken?

The answer is as follows…

The meat of chicken is the bird’s muscle tissue.

An egg is simply the amniotic fluid(white) and the placenta(yolk) that a chick embryo will grow in.

You arent eating muscle when you eat an egg, so it wont taste like it.

Now that I know this I have effectively taken eggs out if my diet.



10 thoughts on “The Learning

  1. Why have you stopped eating eggs because they’re a placenta, though? Isn’t it better to eat a placenta than an actual creature? I don’t get the logic (but maybe it’s like me not eating entrails – there just is no logic).

  2. I stopped eating eggs when I was 10 and an older cousin sat down at the table while I was enjoying my scrambled egg breakfast and asked me how my chicken embryos tasted. It really didn’t matter how many times it was explained to me there was no future baby chick in there, I can’t eat eggs. Cousins. They’re as bad as siblings! 😉

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