(A Crack In) The Fault Line 2

Dr. Williams was up late, for a Wednesday night. He had to finish writing his theory on how to integrate the 4 extra personalities that David Gains was dealing with. Their next session was set for tomorrow afternoon.

1 Davey- a 7 year old child who represents all that is (or was) innocent in the body and mind of Gains.

2 Amanda- a flirty female persona that represents his rational and fun side.

3 Mr. Gains- straightforward business side. No nonsense. He exudes obvious confidence and as of now remains the dominant persona.

4 no name (as of yet) but obviously his violent side. This personality even scares even the confident Mr. Gains, who claims that he had him locked away somewhere in the labyrinth of the mind.
No conversation with this personality, just a message sent by a fist through the door at the end of the last session. I guess he doesn’t like being locked up.

Step 1 in the process of personality integration is identification. All known internal personalities need to be known and communicated with.

Step 2 is to isolate each personality in order to access which strengths can bond with the weaknesses of the other personalities. Therefore combining the multiples into 1 functioning unit.

This will be a very difficult process, in this case, for there may be 2 dominants….1 currently running the show, and 1 biding his time to take over.

The persona that houses all the others, David Gains, is reluctant to admit anything strange is going on. I fear his “headaches” may be a sign of disassociation. One of the dominants may be attempting to become the only persona.

He stared at his notes. It was only a rough draft assessment but he needed to be thorough.

He removed his glasses with his right hand, and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his left hand. He closed the folder and got up to go to bed.

He was shaken from his slumber by a phone call at 7 am.


He looked at his cellphone and considered ignoring it but decided to answer it instead.


“Dr. Williams?”


“This is Officer Delaney of the Midtown PD. We have an incident on our hands and you are apparently the only one who can diffuse it…..”

“What can I do to help?”

“We are currently outside the home of a David Gains. The neighbors were concerned about all of the noise and commotion going on over here all night and gave us a call. The resident is locked in the house and refuses to let us enter to check things out. We looked through the windows and the place is in shambles. We can’t see him but it sounds like a child is crying inside. He keeps saying everything will be alright if I get you down here. So will you please come down here and help us out?”

“Yes. He is one of my current patients. We were scheduled to meet later today. I guess later is here. I will be there shortly.”

He gathered his notes and placed them into his briefcase and left for the Gains’ residence.

The officer met him at the curb and asked if he would like him to go up with him.

“Thank you but no. This is a delicate situation and I am well acquainted with David and his mental condition…..but if you happen to hear me scream…then feel free to intervene.” The Dr. dryly

He walked up to the door and spoke,

“Davey? It’s Dr. Williams I came to talk to you….will you let me in?”

He heard shuffling from behind the door and 2 locks disengage.

The door squeaked open and David peeked out from behind it.

He opened it wider so the Dr. could step in.

The door was shut behind him and the locks were re-engaged.

“I think I’m the only one left.” David said in Davey’s voice as he cowered into the corner.

The Dr. looked around and thought to himself,

“I think I need to reevaluate my integration plans.”



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