(Aftershocks From) The Fault Line 3

by good2begone

COME ON…You aren’t seriously going to start from Part 3, are you?

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Part 1

Part 2

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Dr. Williams looked at David and asked the only obvious question there was to be asked,

“What happened here.”

David’s mouth began to quiver and was about to cry but he held back to tell him what happened.

“Mr. Gains went to sleep and and and I got to come out and play…..but I started feeling my head hurt and and that’s when I heard the yelling.”

“What yelling Davey…tell me…you know I am hear to help you.” The doctor carefully stated as he knelt to be at eye level with the boy inside the man.

“The yelling…in here…” Davey said as he pointed at his head and continued.

“Mr. Gains went to check on the bad man….but he was not really locked up…..they started fighting….and then Amanda told me to as long as I stay away I would be safe….then I heard her scream…..then nothing. Just nothing….so i just started coloring…everything……. and looking for something to eat…but but I couldn’t find anything…so I started breaking stuff and screaming….I’m only 7!!!”he loudly stated and the tears started.

Dr. Williams put his arms around Davey and told him it would be alright. He needed to get him out of there. The only option was his office. He had no staff or clients until noon. His decision was made.

“I am going to take you to my office. Let me get you into the car and I will talk to the police, ok son.”

The Doctor walked up to the officer and spoke,

“I am taking my patient. He needs mental attention.”

“That’s fine but what am I supposed to put in my report?”

“How about this….the resident of the house has been taken by his Doctor for treatment for his multiple personalities. He is much safer with me than in a cell.”

“….ok. But I will be in contact with you.” The officer stated concernedly.

They reached the office without incident. Dr. Williams led David in and directed him onto the couch.

“I will get you something to eat. In the meantime try to rest.”

David did as requested but instead of sitting and waiting for food, he laid down and fell fast asleep.

As David slept, the Doctor returned to his note taking to journal the new events and the steps he planned to follow from here.

If,  in fact,  the other personalities have destroyed each other, then I have a new problem. The only personality left is that of a child….in a grown mans body. I cannot turn him over to the authorities….they will rightfully believe he is crazy. It will be best to keep him under guarded watch for the time being.

He put his pen down and went to get food from the deli, so DaveyDavid would have something to eat when he returned.

He purchased the standard turkey sandwich and chips. He didn’t know what else a 7 year old man child would eat. As he walked back into the office he was startled to see the couch….with no sleeping man child on it.

He turned around to shut the door and look for him and was greeted by the same evil eyes and smirk that smashed a hold in the door at the previous session.

Introducing Chaos

“Hey there, Doc. I’m Chaos.”He smartly said as he punched him square in the nose and rendered him unconscious.

When Dr. Williams awoke, a short time later , he was gagged and bound to the couch that his patients usually found comfort on.

He was not comfortable.

David sat in the Doctor’s chair with his legs crossed and palm on his chin.

He was quite comfortable.

“I am here to tell you that the sessions are over. I WIN…..I read your assessment of me. You gave me what I wanted. You not only wrote in your notes that I was mentally unstable, but you told the police as well. You shrinks are all alike. Multiple personalities…Ha!”

The Doctor looked at him wide eyed but of course couldn’t speak with the gag in his mouth. So he continued to listen.

“How’s this, Doc?” He crossed his armed, sat up straight and morphed into the confident Mr. Gains.

“I’m I charge here. I do things because I know how to get things done”

“Or how about this?” He uncrossed his arms and pretended to wipe hair out of his face and took on a feminine pose.

“Oh, Mr. Williams…please don’t be so formal call me Amanda…”

“I got 1 more….” He defiantly stated as he pulled his legs up to his chest and cried out with a childlike whimper.

“I only 7 and I like to color…”

He stopped. Leaned back in the chair and spoke dryly.

“There has ALWAYS only been Chaos. Well…at least since the year 2000. You remember what you did in 2000, DOC?”

The Doctor couldn’t reply. He just shook his head back and forth in a “No” manner with wide eyes and a racing heartbeat.

“You had a client of yours committed. That client was my Mother. The drugs you had her on made her crazy. You knew that….but you also knew she had a will and a lot of money. You conned her into changing the will. You got it all. I got nothing….NOTHING!…nice office and extra certificates on the wall it got you. So I have been plotting since then to get revenge. Crazy wasn’t enough…I thought….what drives shrinks like you? I answered myself with….fancy diagnosis to get in the medical review books is what drives you. Here I am,  a well documented multiple personality with violent tendencies….that will be taken out on you. At the same time your notes will eventually set me free.”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a syringe.

“This is filled with a drug that will speed up your heartrate until it explodes. I am going to inject you with it and watch you die. Then I will untie you and call that cop…in my Davey voice…and let the legal system do its thing.”

He got up and cracked his neck. As he leaned in with the syringe Officer Delaney busted in through the still open door and tazed David/Mr. Gains/Amanda/Davey/Chaos.

He fell to the floor, syringe in hand in a convulsing heap.

As he untied and ungagged the Doctor he said,

“It’s not your fault, Doc. Some people are just plain crazy.”