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We are on the cusp of another holiday. The big one…..they have been selling new calendars in anticipation of this day for months now.


Of course, the eve of this holiday is much more anticipated that the actual day.

The anticipation of one more freaking show featuring Ryan Seacrest and his teeth almost makes me want to puke.

But this rant is not about the Colgate King or the ball dropping. It is leaning toward the pukey side of things.

Chances are, if you are going to throw up your evenings liquid intake from that evening, then you will be having a hangover on the actual holiday.

Instead of watching mindless bowl games and spending time with the friends and family that you thought had left after Christmas, you will be complaining about the headache, body aches, dry mouth and why your pants are on the sidewalk outside, and the girl from 2B that plays that awful Emo music is in your bed.

Ahhh….the holiday joy that the new year always brings!

Fear not my gracious followers and viewers. CBS Mobile News has the solution for you…..

In the article titled-

“How to avoid the New Years Day Hangover”

There suggestion, as suggested by members of the scientific community is as simple as this-

Cushing Neuroscience Institute in Great Neck, N.Y., said the single biggest thing partygoers can do this year to prevent a hangover is to drink plenty of water throughout the night. A good rule of thumb is to alternate each alcoholic drink with a nonalcoholic one.
Eating before a night out is also a good idea, he said.
This week, the Journal of Food Science reminded people of a 2009 study that suggested asparagus might prevent hangovers.

So….the biggest thing partygoers can do to prevent hangovers is ingest a 1 to 1 ratio of alcohol to water and eat asparagus.

I would like to 1 UP the scientific community.

How about boiling the asparagus for dinner. Eat it, and then carry around a jug of asparagus water to alternate drinks with……

Someone please send me my Honorary Doctorate in the field of Hangover Avoidance,. I really could be on to something.

Is is advice like that, that makes me want to find Bill Nye and slap him upside the head.


I know he is not the culprit, but he is the only science guy I can think of.

There is really only 1 sure fire way to avoid a hangover.


Novel idea, isn’t it.


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