What’s NOT in a word

Times have changed. Each generation moves past the perceived faults of their predecessor’s and tries to create their own world. With each passing decade of time, acceptance of what was once shamed becomes the norm. It doesn’t happen overnight…..some things take longer than others, but make no mistake change is always coming.

With all this change. One thing has not.

The definition of the word “normal”

Normal- adj. Conforming to the standard or common type, usual, not abnormal

Normal for me may not be normal for you. To be honest I don’t know what the common type of anything is.

Its one of the positives of being open minded. To each his/her own.

The choice is yours. Stick with what someone tells you is normal. Or be your own normal.

Robots haven’t taken over the world yet. Keep conforming…..and they won’t have to.


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