The Still

There will be towering highs
And plunging lows

Equilibrium sought
Balancing on toes

Obvious answers to questions
Quite a few I dont knows

Investments in each other
Trust bought and sold

Stilts on a tightrope
Heated talk turns cold

Life after the rings
I do still believed and told

Always all in
Worth the risk to never fold


The Lure

Standing on the edge of hope
And reason
My mind can’t keep focus
It borders on treason

The ways of the world
Have shifted toward greed
The allure of fame and power
Has planted the seed

Keep true to the line
Of family and pride
Or chase the all mighty dollar
And leave it all beside

The glare of the lights
Or the safety of home
The itch starts to burn
The emotions roam

Speak out or stay still
The question it lingers
It it possible to let it
Just slip through the fingers

The conscious, it ponders
The sub has it say
The edge is still calling
Still don’t know from which way.


What If….

What if

The only color was grey?
Would we then be able
To turn and walk away?

What if

Words did hurt?
Would the sticks and stones
Then be left in the dirt?

What if.

Pigs COULD fly?
Would we then follow through
With what was so easily denied?

What if….

We looked at the world
With a child’s eyes opened wide
Would we then understand
When they always ask




The Pickpocket Putback Principle

The pickpocket pilfers the pockets of the plenty,
placing packages onto his person to please his perverted pleasure.

Podering perhaps that his pathway to pain is predestined,
He proceeds to place packages pointlessly INTO the pockets of pedesrtrians and passersby.

Thereby pouncing the predicament of prison….

Say all that 10 times fast…but just watch the video once.

I know I am not much of a poetry person, but please be polite….

For some reason I gotta go “P”.


Meeting The Fiction In Person

For the last couple of weeks, I have been creating posts about a guy named “The Frantic Man”.

Post 1

Post 2

Post 3

Post 4

He is a fictional character based on my personal experiences and thoughts about the steps and principles of AA from early on in sobriety.

The stories are real…I just made up the character to make it more interesting for reading…..and to be able to write about me without saying it was me.

I am my favorite subject.

I love me some me.

I could talk about me ALL day!

But who wants to sounds egotistical? Not me.

While attending the Men’s conference this weekend I was taken aback by an individual I met.

He is the human equivalent of the fictional character of “the Frantic Man”. He doesnt have a stutter but his quiet and shy demeanor along with the way he draws out his speech gave me chills.

I was speaking with the character I created in my mind.

It shouldn’t have been a surprise to me that our issues with coming into sobriety and dealing with life beyond the bottle were strikingly similar.

Our thoughts and experiences were mirror images. Our fears with honesty with others were carbon copies.

Our uniqueness made change hard.

By the end of the conference, we had exchanged numbers, and I have spoken with him on the phone twice.

Out of respect for fiction becoming reality I will no longer post about “the Frantic Man”.

I am hoping he will create his own story and bring it to life.


If you want to know what I felt like, in a general way, when meeting my character…..then watch this short clip.


Food Trippin’

I have never left the grocery store as befuddled as a did today…..

I don’t even know what befuddled means…I just wanted to use a word I haven’t used before.

Stymied didn’t feel right. Aghast didn’t sound right. Catastrophically awestruck is taking it a bit too far.

So…befuddled I was.

We went to the store because my wife wanted salad for dinner…..not as an appetizer…. for the main course.

That’s not what caused the befuddlement.

I don’t know what it is with women and salad. I like salad…I just expect steak after the salad. But that was not in the cards for me this evening. No sweat though, I stopped at McNasty’s and gobbled down 2 McDoubles and a McChicken on the way home from work.

Anyway, we get to the store and retrieve our salad making accessories

Baby carrots
Tom-A-Toes…..or is it tomatoes (I don’t know)

You know the basics for a vegetarian buffet…

So we are at the checkout line and I glance over to the office and I see a chip display that left me….



I have a firm belief that the entire marketing and new product division of this fine Snack food company need to lay off the reefer.

I love chicken. I love waffles. I’m a pretty big fan of chips too….


I can picture the staff meeting when this decision was made.

“Dude….I love chicken and waffles.”

“Whoa…me too dude. You know what else I love…potato chips.”

“Hey…remember that old commercial when the dude with the peanut butter crashed into the dude with the chocolate?….that was cool…”

“WHOA!! Check this out….why don’t we like make chips that taste like chicken and waffles….all the taste without all the mess….we would be made Kings or something….that would be awesome!!…dude.”

And low and behold…the chips were created.

Speaking of stoners….I bought a bottle of cold coffee at the store…


To get the full effect you have to say in your best Jamaican accent-

“da groove is not just in da reggae music mon…it is in da beans as well.”

I may never be allowed to go grocery shopping again.