Open book

by good2begone

Every city has a story to tell. Any place you travel to there is a spot to gather tourist info or you may already know some the sights to be seen. But to really get he inside story if what a place is all about there is is really only one location to seek. Most cities and towns large and small have this ” Cultural Mecca” of society in plain sight. Maybe that’s why it is rarely referred to as a must go site to find out what is really going on. What is this mystical place that I speak of?

The Wal Mart

Here you will find every known type of human being. In all their glory. You will even be greeted as you enter the local freak show. No admission is required, and any age may enter. The rich of the community strolling across the glossy tiled floors right beside the less fortunate.

No dress code is required. Many enter wearing their pajamas, some of the female gender sporting hair curlers and house coats, mullets and concert shirts abound with males. Screaming children of all ages hang from the carts like monkeys on the loose. The elderly compete in the “slowest stay in the middle of the aisle hover round with baskets NASCAR race”.

All who enter pay homage to the smiley face who drops prices one penny at a time to the sheer amazement of all the participants.

It is quite a sight to see. Open 24 hours a day. The fun never ends.

Next Time a vacation is planned. Take the family to “the Wal Mart”. You won’t be disappointed. You may just leave with that pair of overalls you never had the courage to buy or that almost funny holiday slogan t shirt that is always available.

Either way, whatever the city or town claims itself to be. There is only one place that reveals the real truth.

The smiley face never lies.