The Soul of the Soul

Put me in a time machine
Back to the days of old soul
When the music was pure
The artists created gold

Aretha needed RESPECT
What’s going on asked Marvin Gaye
Bring it on home to me begged Sam Cooke
Otis Redding always sittin’ on the dock of the bay

Just to go back
To see and hear them
In a club or bar
Before being called pioneers
Icons or stars

I can only wonder of what
It was like back then
But I still have their music
To take me back when


2 thoughts on “The Soul of the Soul

  1. Yes. Let’s go back to those times, please. When music was actually good. I’m from the younger generation, they call us “millennials” but there aren’t many modern artists I truly can connect with. Someone bring back Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and all the great ones.

    • I was born the day before the moon landing….so I have been fortunate enough to live through many eras of music. I enjoy them all but enjoy the way back ones more.

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