The Love Lost Then Found

The Midwest Mother
Was frightened
As she read the mail
With dismay

Her little boy
Had been drafted
And was needed
Without delay

She feared for him
He said, “Mom, don’t cry for me
I will serve my country gladly
And make you proud, you’ll see.”

She heard from him in boot camp
Received letters every week
But once he got deployed
The frequency was bleak

Then came a knock
On her front door
She knew the news was bad
Her senses she could not ignore

They said he died in battle
And was lost in the night
He was trying to protect civilians
And was caught in a firefight.

Condolences they gave
And left her to grieve
She no longer had her son
It was hard to believe.

Folded flag on her lap
Purple Heart clutched in hand
She held her composure
Until the bagpipes began.

For years, her heart, it was broken
Then came another knock
Like before
A Vietnamese college student
At the door

He told her the story
Of the man
Who saved a child
He said, “It was your son,
And it was me.”
Then he smiled.

He gave her the tags
That hung around
Her sons neck
And a simple message
Her son said
To relay
With his last breathe

“Tell my Mom, I love her,
And it’s because of her
Who I am.
She taught me to think of others
No matter what the jam.”

“Your son he is a hero.
If not for him, I would not be.”
I promised I would find you
I told him, ” I will make you proud….
You’ll see.”


The Maestro

Is it still considered magic

If you figured out the trick

Slight of hand is flawless

If you master the quick

A quarter from behind the ear

A rabbit from the top hat

Pick a card at random

Don’t show it put it back

Deception lies illusion

Reality or just a show

Magician or a medicine man

Seal the con time to go

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The Longing

How can I hear you

If the wind doesn’t blow

How can I see you 

If the sun doesn’t show

How can I taste you

If your lips are sealed

How can I touch you

When emotions are veiled

All I can do is smell you

Your fragrance envelopes my mind

It hurts me to sense

That life for you has been so unkind 

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The Dead Mall

Kneeling at the grave
Staring at carved stone

A beginning, an end, a name
Once a living being, now gone

Questions without replies
Situations that had no end

Uninvited memories
Only the living left to mend

The visits become sporadic
Grass is growing tall

The sight remains the same
New neighbors at the dead mall

Carrying on with the days
Time ticks with innuendo

The end is never known
But always has a short window

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The Attics

Layers of dust
In the attic
Of a mind

Multiple puzzles started
To be finished at
Another time

Stored away projects
Boxed up photos
Without context

One eyed dolls and trophies
Silenced by what
Is trending next

Books unread
Neatly displayed
As intellects hover

Hard to judge correctly
Without view
Of the cover

Influenced by mirrors
Smoke swirls just
Out of sight

What seems clear as day
Is often
Dark as night

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