The Diary of A Madman

As I walked in the door from anther 10 hours in the over 100 degree heat, my wife greeted me with a conversation-

Would you like to go get a journal to track your progress with your journey into Buddhism and meditation?

I replied with an eye roll…

A journal? Is that a nice way of saying diary? I’m a 52 year-old male…..not a 10 year-old girl….

I continued as she looked at me blankly and batted her eyes…

Why would I need to keep a diary I blog all my stuff. What I don’t blog I keep stored n logged up in my brain. It’s the perfect system….it’s what I have it for…no I don’t need a diary…I keep it all right up here…

I said as I tapped my temple.

I finished and went back to the bedroom to change out of my sweaty work clothes and thought to myself-

Sheesh women and their diaries….

So anyway,

I got a journal and a nice pen……


3 thoughts on “The Diary of A Madman

  1. This made me laugh. Hey, no one is ever too old to start a diary 🙃 using pen and paper can prove helpful with organizing your thoughts – and your blog, too. Just saying. And, take care of yourself with the crazy heat out there. 🌞

    • My wife has always been big on putting pen to paper. I’m resistant to the only constant thing out there…change, but I’ll be a good boy and do like I’m told….😉.

  2. Good boy 😁 it’s true though, change is the only real constant in life… And it’s funny how we’re often resistant to it. Changes can be good sometimes. Here’s to the good kind of changes.

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