Blocked at the Go Line

He took a long puff off his cigar as he watched her exit her car from a distance.

“Ugh…that is a terrible starting sentence.” he thought

Riiiiip. Crumple crumple crumple toss to the floor.

How do you follow one that knows how not to BE followed…

“What? That makes no sense.”

Riiip, crumple crumple toss

“Stalker is as stalker does” he writes and talks in his best Forrest Gump voice

Riiiip, crumple……..straighten back out, fold into paper air plane dive bomber, gentle release, watch glide to the floor.

“Maybe I should try a happy stalker story….hmmm”

Upon exiting the confines from the prison, he was greeted by the woman who placed him there. The stalkee missed the stalker so she….

Riiiip, crumple crumple toss

“happy stalker story…..worst idea ever.”

Once upon a….

scratch out scratch out scratch out

“Over used”

He looked at her with longing as she crossed the street in her low cut dress and high heels…

scratch out scratch out scratch out

“I can’t write a “Fabio cover” stalker story….I can’t believe it’s not Budda…Ha! Fabio what a character” his thoughts wandered

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the plane that the stalker boarded…

“Plagiarism….that will surely get you readers, freaking tool. FOCUS…Maybe, I should google stalker stories to get some ideas….no then I will end up on some watch list…don’t need that”

“Hey honey….” he yells.

“What?” she replies

“I can’t think of how to start a story on stalking…can you help?” he pleads

“You’re the writer, not me…..How about you write about how you stalked me?”
She smartly replies

“No, no, no. You were willingly stalked, I’m trying to write something scary not 50 Shades of Prey” retorted with a smirk

“Sounds like you have your first case of writer’s block……Why don’t you write about that?” she asked

“Seriously?…..who would want to read about that? Never mind. I will keep trying, once I get the perfect go line starter sentence It’ll be Publish City from there on out!”


“yeah, Scarface reference, that would go over well… gonna be a long night…”

Riiiip. Crumple crumple crumple toss.



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