Lovely Squared

I have been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award”…..twice.

I have been sitting here at my wife’s computer trying to figure out how to correctly post this with the multiple links for approximately 4 days straight. No sleep. Just coffe and cigarettes. My dogs are preparing an intervention as I type. I have posted and deleted this freaking post twice in the last hour because after I publish it, I check it out to be sure it was right. Surprise, it is not. So I attempt it once again.

First I must thank the ones who nominated me.


They both are impressive writers and am proud to be in their following.

Second I must write 7 things about myself that may not be known to the blog world.

1- I have a wolf as a pet
2- I am a serial index finger speed typer.
3- I normally only blog on my iphone. (refer to #2)
4- The previous owner of the truck I own was a bit paranoid. To avoid detection, he covered the factory paint job with dull black spraypaint…..The entire truck. Rims and all. I have no plans of repainting it.
5- I shave my head before attending funerals.
6- I have a nervous tick. I constantly twirl my wedding around my finger.
7- I’m not wearing pants.

Third. Nominate 15 blogs I follow to keep this thing moving. Link them. Let them know.

Subhan Zein

why am I here in a handbasket

Don’t Quote Lily


The Writer


Human In Recovery




Fathead Follies

A Continuous Trainwreck



Thank you again for the nomination.

I would have nominated every blog I follow. I truly read them all. But I have not the patience to put any more links. I am as frustrated as a blind man without arms in a stripclub, a man without lips in an asskissing contest, a colorblind painter….you get the point.



17 thoughts on “Lovely Squared

  1. Congrats to you, and Thank you to you. Keep the rants coming…We should all thank some powers-that-be for keeping this world full of crazies, so we, the Ranters of the world have something to Rant about.

    • Awesome. I follow a lot of blogs that carry different messages and interests. They give me ideas and get my mind if my own crap. Glad you have found some good info!

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