Audio Therapy

During all my years of existence, which is quite a few. There has been one constant-


Through childhood, teen years, adulthood, marriage, divorce, depression, addiction, jail time, looney bin, sobriety, another marriage (this one for good), being a stepfather, and up to starting this blog, music has been there.

Much like writing I believe music serves a purpose.

I mean…that’s why we all do this…

To tell a story…ignite an emotion or 2..or just to get away from…..whatever you need to get away from.

That what blogging and music does…at least for me.

I have prepared a couple of selections that take me away-

This first one just tells the story of attempted redemption.

I’m a believer in video killed the radio star, so this is just audio.

I love the Spanish guitar in this song. Reminds me growing up in the west texas town of El Paso.

Next…a bit of the blues. I think if you Google the word cool this guys picture should show up. Regardless, he’s a freaking legend. .

Here is a a nod to a young Texas lady that has it all. The voice, the guitar work, and a great sound.

Let’s see…I got the country, blues. And acoustic covered. Time to hit with rhe heavy stuff.

I think this should be the biggest rock band in the world…just an opinion..

Music…it feeds the soul.

A special shout out to Pooja G at lifesfinewhine here on wordpress. She posted a music post and I decided to do the same. Check her blog out I’m sure she would appreciate it.


5 thoughts on “Audio Therapy

  1. Thanks for the shoutout!

    I feel the same way- music is my one constant no matter what I’m going through. It really does capture so many emotions so perfectly. I feel like no matter what you’re going through there is a perfect song for it. I’m not sure why but the last video doesn’t seem to be working for me but may just be an issue on my end.

    • Yes maam, you are welcome. It’s working on my end but I have had issues all day trying to post but my app kept crashing. Hopefully it’s because I’m out in rhe sticks working…

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