Still #14 After 2

That is a screenshot of the first post I published here on WordPress 2 years ago.

I still can’t answer the question….

I still have a cranium begging to be emptied of mindless dribble….

Some has gotten out.

I have posted personal stories of family antics, life events (tragic and hopeful), and about my journey in sobriety.

I have tried my hand at photography, poetry, and various challenges provided by the overseers at WordPress.

I have written fiction. Most of which are listed on the homepage in bold letters next to, or under, the HOME button…..Except for my 2 personal favorites. Those are wandering the halls of the archives with the rest of the dribble.

WordPress sent me a notification saying I began 2 years ago.

2 years gone.

Still can’t answer why.

Still looking through the gaps in the planks.

Still getting poked in the eye.

Still good2begone.