Boys In The Attic

I am not a big fan of working out of town.

In fact, if I knew what abhor meant I’m sure that would be how I felt about it.

Since I don’t….I will just say it’s poopy to work out of town. I am shacked up in a cheap hotel with 2 of the other guys I work with, roughly 250 miles from home.

While they are engulfed in their 3rd episode of Bizarre Foods America on the Travel Channel, I am looking over photos of the room we have to work with along with the photos of what the customer wants to end up with.

What we have is an attic-

What the customer wants is something similar to this-

Oh yeah….and instead of the crappy attic access pull down stairs they want this-

Complete with computer station underneath.

I still don’t like being out of town…..but the challenges that come along with making dreams reality make it much less poopy.