The 400

I write not thinking that anyone will read what I wrote.

I think wrong.

As of today, I have 400 followers.

#400 is theadRIOTblog. She has been blogging since the beginning of this year and is new to this blogworld. I encourage anyone who follows or views my blog to please visit her blog. Her “about” page is amazing. But I will let you all figure that out for yourselves.

Once I realized I had hit the 400 mark, one of my voices had a great idea and ran with it.

I posted a comment on theadRIOTblog and requested that she give me a topic for a post and I would create it in honor of being #400.

That particular voice has never heard-

Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

She replied to my comment with-

I would like to hear your opinions/findings on cannabis, it’s prohibition and possible negative/positive application and effects.


I will be posting my dissertation on the subject.

I have a bit of personal experience with the substance…..


Ok…so it is more than a bit of experience.

But I will do some research also.

Bet your bottom dollar I won’t inhale.

Still good2begone

(Clean and) Sober since 10-13-06.

Be on the look out for the post titled-