The Unusual Suspect

Weekly photo challenge-Unusual POV

This weeks challenge calls for a different point of view.

Social media is filled with self pics taken in the bathroom.

I don’t post pictures of myself on this blog…..



It’s still good2begone


The Call

Weekly photo challenge- Foreshadow


Trained and ready for the call
That no one wants to make
They come down the pole
And into the red truck
For there are lives at stake

They anticipate flames
And the smoke that will rise
It may be been an accident
Or maybe
Arson in disguise.

They can not foreshadow
What they will see
But they are always the unsung
That come when people
Are in need.


This is DAX.

It is short for duck with an ax.


Because he is a duck with an ax…duh

I don’t know how long I have had him or where he came from.

I guess he just showed up and never left.

When I drive, he listens.

He just stares at me with that grin while holding that ax.

That’s what makes him companionable.

That he listens….not that he has an ax.

The other way around would just be strange.

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The Amish Rocker

This weeks photo challenge calls for curves.

Curves are everywhere. While I sat in my favorite rocking chair and thought about what item would exemplify the word….I came up blank.

I felt like an Amish person in a smartphone store.

I laughed at that to myself….

Then it hit me…I am sitting in a rocking chair that was handmade and is from Amish country.

It’s got curves.

It rocks.

It’s- “The Amish Rocking Chair”


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