Write Choice

My right to vote was stripped from me over 6 years ago. Committing crimes…and getting caught for them, caused it to happen. That among other things….

Previous to that time, my internal thoughts were

-my vote doesn’t matter
-who cares about politics
-it’s my right NOT to vote

Since gaining the right to vote at 18, I rarely took advantage of the power it holds.

The freedom it holds.

This country and the brave men and women who fought, many to their death, did so, to ensure that freedom for all who want to be American.

I am now 43 years old.

I have earned my basic rights as a citizen of this great country back, and have voted in this years Presidential election.

I will no longer take for granted the freedoms that the United States of America grants me as a citizen.

Time to choose

Time to make a difference

Time to be heard

Time to vote

Time to make use of freedom, instead of expect it.

It’s time.