To Tie Or Not To Tie

I am a soccer fan. I grew up playing the beautiful game. I know the rules. I love every nuance of the game. I find every aspect of the game exciting. Whether the score is-


I will enjoy watching.

The World Cup is the worlds greatest sporting event.


Well for one it is actually a “World Championship”….which means every country gets the opportunity to compete.


The sport is pretty much the most popular sport in the world….except for here in the USA.

The reason I hear most for its unpopularity is because it’s boring. A game can be played for 3 hours and no one scores….


If soccer is boring….what does that make golf?

America just doesn’t get it.

And that’s ok…

But to chastise a sport as boring because we as a nation suck at it is not being very globally conscious.

That’s just how I see it.

I’ve been hearing a lot of commentary about the USA’s next match at the cup against Germany…….

Which wouldn’t be as important a match if our national team wouldn’t have just completed the biggest choke job in World Cup history in there previous match against Potugal.

Here is my analysis.

They were up 2-1 and got scored on in the final seconds to end up with a tie. No other team in World Cup history had been scored on in the final seconds of a match….ever.


Because of that epic banana peel slip, they have to either win or tie Germany to advance to the knock out stage of the tournament.

Germany is one of the favorites to possibly win it all.

America has consistently been “in” the tournament since 1990.

Read that again…..that’s right, just “in” the tournament.

Yeah….we got this.

Just make sure they watch “Rudy” about a million times before they face the powerhouse that has won the World Cup 3 times.

Their best outcome comes from a win or a tie. That will advance them to the next round.

I have been listening to sports radio a lot…..and these guys…..there cup runneth over with whine.

That are pretty much begging Germany to rest their entire team in order to guarantee a tie so both teams will advance….

If both teams lay down, untie their boots and just prance around and play keep away for 3 hours then….both advance to the next round…no one loses…and chants of

“We are the World….we are the winless…so let’s stop and make a brighter day by just not trying!”


Who plays for a tie?

I mean….that’s pretty diplomatic of our sportscasters and all showing SOOO much confidence in our team but seriously?

I’m a stepfather and if I got a tie on Father’s Day….I wouldn’t have been happy.

And do you really think that the Germans want to be the team that gave the USA a hall pass to just waltz into the next round.

No….they are playing to win a World Cup…not trying to start a world coup.

Really….nobody likes a tie.

It’s like those bad Christmas sweaters.

It’s a joke that’s funny for everyone except the one who gets it.

The USA is the Christmas sweater in the world of soccer.

The only way the joke will end is to stop accepting the tie.

Just win.