Letter Point

The most efficient way to reach point B from point A is a straight line. Which is true in some cases-

The asteroid that took out the dinosaurs

The bullet that ended the life of a world leader

The dart that hit the bullseye

Get the point as quickly and efficiently as possible.

But a lie can travel from a-z and back again before the truth can ever get to c.

The O,M,G’s and R,O,T,F,L,M,A,O’s of a lie get more traction than the A,B,C’s of the truth.

T,B,H the truth is non dramatic, straightforward…to the point.

The lie is W,T,F and N,S,F,W…..click bait. It makes the brain tingle with wonder.

The truth induces the ZZZ.

The end of the line. It is what it is.

While a lie is the winding road of the S.

A new twist around every curve.

I don’t know which path you choose….

But now you know some of my A,B,C’s I’ll let you figure out if ya wanna sing with me.



Revised Definition of Sober

I try not to get on soapboxes very often. Mainly because I am clumsy and have the scars on my head to prove it. Every time I get off the ground….I fall. So, I will try to make this a short off the ground stay.

Maybe I have judged myself too harshly….

I was under the impression that being sober was abstinence from alcohol and/or mind altering substances.

Or to put in plainly ZERO INTAKE.

I have lived under that umbrella of protection for over 6 years…..and I have thrived under it.

I quit drinking. Initially because the powers of the legal system in Texas strongly requested it, but continued on after that requirement was fulfilled because my life greatly ( and I stress greatly) improved while abstaining from the juice ( in any form ).

Then came this……

I was reading my morning ESPN news and came across this article titled

“Jerry Brown was Sober”

DALLAS — An autopsy has found that Dallas Cowboys practice squad player Jerry Brown was sober when he was killed in a crash that led to an intoxication manslaughter charge against the teammate at the wheel.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office reported Thursday that Brown died of head and neck trauma when their vehicle overturned. He had a dislocated neck, a severely bruised spine and a blood alcohol content of 0.056 percent. That’s well below the Texas drunken driving standard of 0.08 percent.

Police have said Cowboys nose guard Josh Brent, who was driving, had a blood alcohol level twice the legal limit when after the Dec. 8 crash in Irving, a Dallas suburb. He remains free on $100,000 bond.

Police say neither man was wearing a seatbelt.

Apparently, being sober is defined as being under the legal limit of intoxication.


All I have to do is start drinking again and continually remain under the legal limit and I can maintain my current sobriety.

Who would of thunk it. Drink to STAY sober.

I have a new…..new lease on life. I am going to go out and by enough alcohol to be able to consume BUT still remain under .08 BAC.

This is awesome. I can’t wait to call all the friends and family that I have regained the trust of, and tell them I was wrong about not drinking. I’m sure they will be just as excited as I am.

Thank you ESPN. You are truly more than sports worthy news!

Who am I kidding….

I have never…..ever been able to moderate my drinking. It has always been all or nothing.

I still choose nothing.

And to ESPN and all sportswriters…..

stick to sports.

Absence of Thought

My mind is a library of snippets of information gained from my short time spent in reality-6 years, and the overwhelming time I spent escaping reality-37 years.

The library opened its doors to the blog world a few months ago. The snippets were transformed into stories to share for whoever cared to read them.

Some are true stories about being a step father.

Some are true stories about my journey from being a drunk/addict/thief/criminal to the person I am today.

Some are lists of things I’ve done.

Some are nothing but fiction.

All came freely from my mind, through the tips of my fingers and onto to screen.

I have no regrets of anything I have published and hope to continue that trend.

I blog to rid my soul of demons.

I blog to chronicle memorable events.

I blog to free my mind of clutter.

I blog to create pictures with words.

I blog….

Lately, reality has become a little too real.

The library doors have closed……for remodeling……

Once I get used to the new version of reality that has been thrown my way, I hope to be able to get back writing regularly.


Is vs. Should be

Marketing slogans in print ads and commercials are used to attract customers. In my extensive career as a consumer of products being sold, I have learned that there is rarely full disclosure of truth in them.

Here are a few companies with slogans attached-

Home Depot- You can do it, we can help.

McDonald’s- Gotta love it!

Staples-That was easy

I’m sure that these catchy phrases helped them rake in the dough. Unfortunately for them, I have used their services and have my own slogans that may not be bankrollers, but they would fully contain “truth in advertising”

Home Depot- You can do it, now pay for your crap and get out. I’m late for my break.

McDonald’s- Gotta love it….just don’t utilize us for every meal 30 days in a row…….cuz that would be bad.

Staples- It would be easy for me to assist you, but I’m 16 and my manager is in the back playing Dungeons and Dragons. So until he gets back, I’m just gonna say big technological terms to distract you from realizing that I am as lost as you are….except I get minimum wage for doing it and you just get angry.


To be fair, I will list one company that I believe is fully truthful in their slogan. I will just take their word for it though.

Stinky Steve’s Septic and Grease

” We’re #1 in the #2 business ”


No TV? No problem…for me

I believe that I am kind of an anomaly in today’s world where media and the entertainment industry are doing their best to shape the future. I say this for a couple of simple reasons.

1- I don’t watch TV
2- I don’t go to movies

Simple enough? Allow me to elaborate….or should I give you time to time to stop hyperventilating from the prospect that someone actually does this.

I used to engage in both activities. TV is very time consuming. Movies are very money consuming. I never put any thought into life without either because zoning out for hours at home or paying to zone out for a couple of hours is what is done to “relax” and get away for a while. The problem for me was pretty much all movies are predictable. Paying to find out what I knew was going to happen didn’t make sense. Watching life on TV got old after I realized my life happened more that 1 hour a week (per each mind numbing show). Seemed like wasted time to me.
I haven’t had cable or satellite or network TV in about 4 years. I Haven’t gone to the movie theater in over 2 years.
To be honest we have Netflix at the house I have watched a few shows but that ceased about 8 months ago.
My life has enough drama, comedy and reality already. I find no need to get mentally involved in some that is made up.
My idea of family time is not all of us huddled around the screen watching scripted lives being led. The fact that I am the only one in the house who thinks this is…..well it is what is.
People I work with always ask, ” did you watch this last night?” or ” Are you going to see this movie on Friday?” my reply is always the same. Inevitably all I hear about all day is about what I’m missing by not watching this show or that movie. Then they send me emails with links from You Tube about whatever they watch and quiz me on it after to make sure I am somewhat part of the flock.
Hear is one final thought up leave you with. Have your paper bag ready in case the hyperventilating starts back up.

I. Read. Books.