Shifting Shapes

If you are new here…I am Good2begone…..recently unemployed and in the process of remodeling a bathroom for my in laws…..where make no mistake…the mother in law is the boss.

The bathroom in question has not been in use since Clinton was in office.

For those of you not old enough to remember the Clinton years, he was the one who said-

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman….”

Complete with fist in motion, thumb pointed upward.


That was neither here nor there. Just a point of reference for time reference purposes.

Anyone who waits over 20 years to complete a task has to be opinionated. 

My in laws were at odds at how they wanted the bathroom to look. My mother in law got her way by waiting 20 years for the win.

We went to the Home Depot to pick out the tile for the job. She decided on the pattern for the tile based on the way a single tile was displayed. 

“I want it like that.” She said as she pointed at the tile.

“You want a diamond pattern in your bathroom based on 1 tile? How about we look up some tile jobs on the Internet to be sure…” I calmly replied.

“Nope…that’s what I want.”


I started tiling on Monday.


The trick with the diamond pattern is to start with a full tile in the middle of the largest wall. Once a tile has to be cut at the end of the wall, the remaining piece is used to start the next wall.

And so on….

And so on…

This is what I ended up with.


Next was the floor. She wanted a diamond pathway from the entryway to the shower with a square pattern on either side.

To make a straight pathway, triangles had to be made by cutting the diamond tiles in half.

Surround the path way with squares and whala. 


“What about the walls? ” I asked

You guessed it.

Diamonds,  triangles and squares….oh my.

I finished that yesterday and grouted it all today.


What’s the verdict?

I have been crowned their favorite son in law……

I would normally be beaming about that kind of praise except for one thing…

I am their only son in law.