99 Cans

How many can you fit on the wall before you can start counting?


The problem with that equation is while you are trying to stack the cans to be able to begin counting them down from 99 to zero, you typically have to count them as you are placing them up to avoid not having enough….or having too many.

Thanks to a brewing company in Austin, Texas that problem will be had…never more.

I give you the 99 pack of beer.

No more time wasted with those wimpy 6-30 packs of child’s play beer combinations and having to count BEFORE you start to sing the epic countdown.

Just empty the pack and start the annoyance of drinking AND singing the epic greatness of counting down to an empty wall that is replaced by a sea of empty cans lying at your feet.

It all starts and ends with “The Peacemaker” the beer that is encouraged to be drank, “Anytime”.

For video proof of the peacemaker pack press “here“.

Everything in Texas is bigger.

It doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

Keep it classy, Austin.



99 cans of beer on the wall, 99 cans of beer. Take one down, pass it around,

98 cans of beer on the wall.