The P’s and Q’s of Stepdad 101


The joys of being a stepparent projecting principles for prom on post pubescent people is problematic.

Wow. I think I just P’ed a little.

My stepson went to prom last night.

Just our luck, it is his weekend to stay at his Dad’s. So we didn’t have the opportunity to stay up and hound him about his night when he got home.

Luckily, I am hip to the technology of today and realize that teens would much rather text than actually have to talk to the adults in their lives…or anyone else for that matter.

Pre prom, we talked to him about being a gentleman, tipping after dinner, and making it a night to remember for both of them…but more for her, since it was “her” prom.

It is now post prom. I needed to check in with my little man to see how things worked out-

(giggy….jiggy….as long as he doesn’t get all wiggy I’m sure he understood)

(I couldn’t help it…..really.)

(I probably need etiquette training)

I’m out of p’s and q’s….

Time for r and r.