Smart Rant


This is a “smart watch” or at least a prototype of one.

It does everything a-




…..Does. Except you strap it to your wrist with a harness.

Do we really need any mores smart objects to make us look and act less….


Besides haven’t we tried the smart watch before?

Hmmm….let me ponder that for a second….

Or oven better use my smart phone to produce an image of the last attempt…


Yeah……remember that piece of technological genius. It had the illuminator AND a calculator. How have we made it since that disappeared?

Isn’t it about time we just let a watch be a watch.

Just a quick rant.

My phone has just reminded me that it is time to go back to work.

I used to use watch….. but who wants to wants to waste those precious milliseconds having to raise your wrist and turn it towards your eyes to read the time when I can just have my phone tell me.

It’s good2begone….and that’s why I go.


Texting Bee

Here is a list of replies I have received from messages sent to my step daughter-

1- k
2- ya
3- omg
4- no
5- ttyl
6- wutev

Of the 6 listed, one represents an actual word. In case you are not sure which one it is, that would be number 4. As a parent I am currently on the lookout for a book titled-

“Texting for parents who were taught how the English language is supposed to be used, but have been forced to raise children who believe that punctuation, spelling, grammar, proper word usage, and face to face communication skills are a thing of the past”

For the texting crowd, naturally the title would be-


Thanks for listening