Pole Position

Some people need a sign from above to remind them of the hazards of consuming alcohol and driving.

Some, need an additional sign to remind them that adding excessive speed to that equation is also quite hazardous.


need to transform their 1/2 ton joyride machine into a taco shell by wrapping it around a sign post to receive the same sign of the hazards of combining drinking and driving…with a lead foot.

A 23 year old male needed choice number 3.

He will get the chance to make that choice again……

Probably a lot sooner than anyone in the community would like him to….

Seeing how he walked away from the crash with almost no injuries.

Toxicology reports are pending to determine if his alcohol level was over the legal limit.

No reports needed to show his common sense level was way below the minimal limit required to make decisions.

Accidents happen.

Accidents like these are 100% avoidable.

Avoid them.