Feastival of Me

I like to eat. I think most people do. If not for eating I am pretty sure that I would just waste away.

I hear that for survival, all that is needed is water…..


(I don’t even know what that means…)

Here is a list of what I have eaten since returning from my day at work.

Strangely enough….I have the metabolism of a squirrel on crack, so no matter what I eat, I don’t gain any weight……maybe I have a tapeworm….


-1 bowl of steel oats made from the crock pot.

-1 bowl of strawberry mini wheats cereal.

-1/2 bag of Snyder’s pretzel pieces…cracked pepper and sea salt flavor.

-1 V8 spicy vegetable drink thingie


-4 pancakes with
>peanut butter
>cinnamon maple syrup

-6 slices of bacon

-4 links of turkey sausage

-roughly 3 and 1/2 scrambled eggs

-2 glasses of OJ

Its about to be 10 pm…

I think there is some mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer. I better eat it before it gets freezer burn…..

Food….get some before I get to it.