Smart Rant


This is a “smart watch” or at least a prototype of one.

It does everything a-




…..Does. Except you strap it to your wrist with a harness.

Do we really need any mores smart objects to make us look and act less….


Besides haven’t we tried the smart watch before?

Hmmm….let me ponder that for a second….

Or oven better use my smart phone to produce an image of the last attempt…


Yeah……remember that piece of technological genius. It had the illuminator AND a calculator. How have we made it since that disappeared?

Isn’t it about time we just let a watch be a watch.

Just a quick rant.

My phone has just reminded me that it is time to go back to work.

I used to use watch….. but who wants to wants to waste those precious milliseconds having to raise your wrist and turn it towards your eyes to read the time when I can just have my phone tell me.

It’s good2begone….and that’s why I go.


Gadget Bored

My wife bought me a Galaxy Tab 2 tablet at the end of last week. It took me 4 days before I was bored with it and gave it back to her to have for her own. I thought it would be cool to blog on. I wouldn’t have to blog on my iPhone anymore, and I might actually be able to hit the letters I wanted to use without back spacing 34 times a post.
4 days….that’s all I could handle of new touchscreen technology.

To be honest, I’m tired of old touchscreen technology. I keep telling my wife I want to return to simpler times and get a Nokia Brick phone. No Internet, no apps, no games…….just a phone.

Here are a few things I have become bored with….

-any kind of gaming system
-remote controlled silliness
– e-stuff (cigarettes, books, people).

I think I would have made a great caveman. Except that I am unable to grow a full beard and look terrible in animal skins.


This is me blogging… In my Utopia

Things I Have Lost

List of stuff I used to have but somehow misplaced:

-the combination to my unicycle bike lock

– a 1986 Honda Accord

– My Space password

– Elvis “Blue Hawaii” bobble head

– perfect attendance award earned at anger management class

– 1 neon green shoelace

– ” How to pick up Lithuanian girls for dummies” instruction manual.

– nose hair trimmers

– “my parents went to midget wrestling and all I got was this t-shirt”…..t shirt

– one word……boomerang.