Oz Denied

Are you really a step dad if you’ve never heard the angry blurted out sentence from a child- “YOU’RE NOT MY DAD AND CANT TELL ME WHAT TO DO!”

I’ve heard it more than once early on in my relationship with my 2 children.

(You see what I did there….they are adults now and thru our journey they now call me Dad. I proudly call them my children.)

To be fair… I deserved it.

Me trying to assert my adultness.

They protecting the sanctity of a name that was meant for one.

To them….I was not the one.


Respect in ANY relationship is earned not given.

Neither side had done that.

That took time, effort, patience, respect and a lot of love and open conversation.

With years gone by. Both of my kids have grown and started families of their own.

Each grandchild deserves their own attention. So for this post I will focus on the birth of the first.

Well. Not on the grandkid but what he would eventually call my wife and I.

It’s my blog not his…he can’t even write yet.

My wife asked, “What do you want the baby to call us? I’m gonna be called Nona. So when he gets telled NO it will be easy for him to call NONA to give him what he wants!”

My wife is pretty sly.

Already posturing to be the favorite…

My turn.

“I want him to call my Ozzy”

My wife replied almost immediately after I finished…

“OZZY???AS IN OSBOURNE??? Nope. Try again”

I calmly replied-

“No, honey. I want them to call me Ozzy because

‘The great and all powerful Oz’

will be too hard for an infant to learn”


Regardless of a convincing and well thought out retort. She still told me I was on the crazy train and was not allowed to be called Oz either.

I settled on “Papi”

We have been known as PapiNona for over 4 years now.

Notice I get top billing.

Not me or my grandchild.

*pic from google