Cup Date

The USA men’s soccer team gets pancaked

20140626-204746-74866902.jpgby the German’s 1-0, but still manages to survive the group of death by way of Ghana getting blinzed

20140626-204823-74903499.jpgby Portugal.

Up next for the Americans, the knockout round, and a brunch date with the Belgians.

Let’s hope they don’t waffle

20140626-204907-74947458.jpgthis maple sweet opportunity to advance to the round of ate.

Stay hungry…..

The cup awaits.



Mind Your Own Business

There is a quarterback in this years Super Bowl whose name I can’t pronounce much less spell…so I will call him K-nick for short. He plays for the San Francisco 49ers. Apparently, he was adopted when he was an infant.

Nothing shocking there.

What is shocking (to me) is that a certain sportswriter by the name of Rick Reilly has taken it upon himself to voice his concerns over the fact that K-nick wants nothing to do with his birth mother.

It seems that Mr. Reilly adopted a child years ago. That child wanted to know her biological history and connect with her natural parents. He made efforts to do so and it worked out very well for his family and his adopted child’s biological family.

Kudos for that.


That does not make him a minister of goodwill for ALL adopted children.

K-nick has publicly stated that he wants nothing to do with his biological mother….the couple that adopted him and RAISED him to become the man he is today are his Mother and Father.

This is a college photo of K-nick and his parents.

They are the only parents he needs.

Kudos to him for that.

You may wonder…..why do I even care?

I personally was not adopted.


I have 3 siblings that were adopted into our family. When we are seen together, we look no more alike than random strangers from other countries, but we are family none the less.

2 of my siblings are much like K-nick. They don’t care to know anything about their biological parents. They were given up…that is all they need to know. My parents are their parents…period. I support them in their decision.

My sister, on the other hand, is actively searching for her birth mother…..and I support her in her quest.

Personal choice and independence. Our parents instilled that in all of us.

People love a good dramatic story. It sells papers. It makes headlines.

If K-nick wasn’t a quarterback on a team playing in the Super Bowl this weekend….then there wouldn’t be a story.

Just let the man enjoy the biggest game of his life. Let his parents enjoy watching the son they raised play in that game.

Mr. Reilly….just report on whether his team wins or loses….

Other than that…

Mind your own business.