Mosh Potatoes

Marriages are kept strong by the things couples are willing to do together.

That’s the meat of a relationship.

That’s not a stat from anywhere…I base that on my own marriage because of the things I am willing to do with my wife.

Such as-

-Going to health food stores for hours on end checking ingredients on every box in every aisle to see if she can eat it or not. Her favorite Valentines Day gift was when we drove over 100 miles to visit a grocery store that we don’t have access to in our one horse town.


-attending AA functions with her even though I stopped attending over a year ago.

We just enjoy spending time together.

What good is the meat of the relationship without the potatoes?

The time has come to visit the other side of the plate.

I have asked her to join me to an event that I wish to attend.

It is about 3 months away….which gives her plenty of time to mentally prepare herself.

I am excited to introduce her to a side of me she has only heard about through myths and legends.

The live concert experience.

I’m quite giddy about it.

It has been over 7 years since I have seen a live show.

Especially, since we will be seeing one of my favorite bands.


Loud, bruising, in your face music, so aggressive it’s makes you wanna slap yo momma!

I have been showing her various live videos of them.

I think….she thinks…I am going to throw her into the mosh pit to prove her love for me.

I mean….she could take it.

Under the sweet dainty demeanor she has at home is a pitbull that takes no crap.


There may not be a mosh pit.

They are performing an acoustic show. 2 sets at a venue up the road from us.

Who knows….maybe a slow jam mosh pit is possible…


If you are not familiar with the greatness of SEVENDUST here are 2 clips from them.

1 being moshy


And the other non moshy

Got A Feeling