During my tenure of being a stepfather-

I have struggled.

I have failed.

I have been frustrated.

I have been cranky.

I have laughed.

Subsequently, I have cried.

Every once in a while….I get it right.

It is important to document not only the parental miscues I have made…but also the successes.

The following text conversation is from my stepson and I. Before replying to his request (which I did in typical good2begone fashion) it needed to be deciphered because-

1- The Logistical leaders of Generation Y has decided that prepositions are not necessary while texting, which accounts for the leaving out of the word “with” which would normally be placed after the word “out” yet before the word “getaldo”.

2- the craft of spelling proper names using the first letter as a capital letter is also a no no with the “y’s”. That extra pushed button wastes valuable time. Especially when auto correct doesn’t even know what the hell he was trying to spell. getaldo is not only not a name it is not even a word.


I am a stepfather. The art of deciphering is old hat. Take the time to get to know the kids and you learn what they mean when they make no sense.


Here is the texting conversation with my stepson to which I have dubbed-

“I win”

Full decipher of said text-

He asked if he could hang out with Gerardo…..

Not the Rico Suave guy from back in the day…..

(Note- blue letters indicate link to Rico Suave guy….hit the link.)

My stepson was not around back in the day….and he certainly didn’t think I was cool when I did the dance and sing the song from the rico suave guy name Gerardo when he and his friend named getaldo stopped by before commencing to hang out.

But it’s all good….because….

I win.