Earned vs. Given

“Everyone has a plan…..until they get punched in the face.”-Mike Tyson

Respect for a person is not something I personally I throw around like a beach ball. It takes time to earn it. The best example I can think of is the case of Mike Tyson. I do not know the man, nor have I ever met him. I grew up watching him destroy numerous men in the boxing ring in less time than it takes to reheat leftovers in the microwave. My father would buy his bouts on pay per view, get all worked up by the build up to the main event and then be furious when it would be over in 30 seconds.
He earned an unheard of rise to the top of Boxing that will probably never be seen again.
Coincidentally his fall from the top was just as epic. The details of both rise and fall are chronicled just about everywhere. Google his name and be amazed and sickened at the same time.
Neither his epic rise or horrendous fall earned his respect from me.
His ability to get back up and transform his life to what makes HIM happy did that. From a $50,000,000 a fight thug, rapist, drug using, biting human ears off billionaire soon to be broke loser to a recovering, calm, at ease with life, family man who raises pigeons.
He started in a one man show on Vegas where he talked about his life, honestly and no holds barred. Not to impress ( in my opinion) but for
1- he needs the money
2- clear the conscience

He is clearly a man who had a plan at one time in his life. He got punched in the face….repeatedly by his bad decisions. He changed…. For his family and himself… Not for me or anyone else. That earned my respect.